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Gender equality is a complex topic, which can discourage people of any gender from addressing it in the workplace. However, as one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 5) and as a fundamental human right, gender equality has become increasingly essential to capital markets. This training program guides participants through the complexities with four modules that take a step-by-step approach that anyone can use to enhance gender equality in markets. Participants will build awareness of sustainable finance through understanding the financial implications of gender inequality, improving corporate reporting and literacy on gender equality, and identifying market opportunities that these improvements afford.

This training program guides participants through the complexities market participants may be facing, with four modules that take a step-by-step approach that anyone can use to improve on gender equality in markets.

Participants will build awareness of sustainable finance through understanding the financial implications of gender inequality, improving corporate reporting and literacy on gender equality, and identifying market opportunities that these improvements afford. They'll have the opportunity to learn from guest speakers sharing their insights on how to get the most out of gender equality market indices, gender-focused bonds and gender pay-gap analysis. You can download a PDF info sheet on this training course here.

Training Format

  • Hosted by SSE Partner Exchanges
  • Facilitated by experts from the UN SSE and UN Women with guest expert speakers joining to share case studies
  • Delivered online with interactive activities and direct interaction with expert facilitators
  • Q&A open for live interaction throughout the training
  • Training includes 4 hours of live facilitation and split into two 2-hour workshops
  • Certified by CPD UK 


This training has been developed to benefit both leadership levels (Board and C-suite) as well as operational level or management staff of any organization. No prior experience or expertise on the topic is necessary, and male participants are particularly encouraged to join.

There is no limit to how many employees of each organization can attend. It is also highly encouraged that company board members participate to ensure governance structures are appropriately and effectively integrating gender equality considerations.

Listed companies or companies working with or providing products and services to listed companies, financial-sector organizations, regulatory authorities and standard setting organizations should encourage employees working in the following areas to participate:

  • Governance and leadership
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Risk management
  • Accounting and finance
  • Sustainability and climate strategy

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why action is needed for enhanced gender equality
  • Identify what tools can be used to improve gender equality in your organization
  • Understand how to capture value from markets for gender equality performance
  • Identify how and where to communicate gender-related information for markets

Training Modules

Gender equality training modules

How to participate

The training program is delivered via stock exchanges around the world. The exchange hosts the training, convening its local market participants and other relevant stakeholders, while the UN SSE and UN Women deliver the training. All at no cost to the exchange or the training participants.

Stock exchanges and regulatory authorities that wish to host training for their market on this topic can contact the SSE team directly.

If you are not working for a stock exchange or regulatory authority and you are interested in this training, please reach out directly to your local exchange and ask them to host a training. You may also wish to join the SSE's mailing list to learn about any training programs we hold that are open to the general public.

Training Tools

Academic articles on gender equality

Academic articles on gender equality

The UN SSE, has partnered with Columbia University to provide a vetted list of academic articles that participants can use for further study and research. In addition, participants are invited to review the PRI's curated academic research list on sustainable investment here.

Download the list of article abstracts here.

Training handout and homework

Training handout and homework

Participants of the training will receive a training pack which includes a handout of the training slides (Module 1 and Module 2) as well as bonus slides with additional explanatory content. Participants will also receive the slides of the three guest speakers that participate in their training. Together with the video recording, participants can review any part of the training they wish in the future.

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Technical Assistance

The SSE works with stock exchanges to advance climate action in their markets through donor-sponsored technical assistance. For more information, please contact the SSE team directly.


ASX logo

"ASX was pleased to offer training on the IFRS Sustainability Standards in partnership with the UN SSEI to ASX’s audience of listed companies and the broader listing ecosystem. We had over 1,700 registrations and over 960 unique attendees at the webinar. The training was highly interactive, with most attendees staying for the whole half day virtual session. We’re pleased to work with UN SSEI to move our market forward on awareness of and capability to disclose financially material ESG information."

Helen Lofthouse
CEO, Australia Securities Exchange (ASX)

Zagreb Burza logo

"We are truly pleased to have had the opportunity to host ‘Gender Equality and Global Markets’ training program held by top experts from the UN SSE, UN Women and the World Bank’s IFC. Gender equality is crucial for building a sustainable and inclusive economic environment. Understanding and promoting gender equality is not only a moral obligation but also a strategic imperative that enables the fuller development of capital markets. Through transparency, education, and promotion of equality in decision-making and access to resources, we build the foundations for financial stability and prosperity that benefits everyone. Overall, integrating gender equality into educational programs and practices in capital markets not only contributes to social justice but also fosters economic growth and long-term sustainability. We are looking forward to future similar trainings."

Ivana Gažić
President of the Management Board, Zagreb Stock Exchange

AST exchange logo

"The Amman Stock Exchange, in cooperation with the UNSSE, IFC, &UN Women was very proud to provide a training program on gender equality in capital markets. This training aims to build a basic understanding of the meaning of gender equality, identify global principles and local requirements that can guide participants as they embark on their journey to promote gender equality and build awareness of sustainable finance through understanding the financial impacts of gender inequality and improving sustainability reporting, and identifying the market opportunities provided by these improvements. The training was full of data, insightful, and provided practical approaches. The trainers demonstrated remarkable professionalism and expertise throughout the training. These online trainings provide ongoing opportunities for skill development and professional growth, in which we highly recommend other exchanges to benefit from in their respective market."

Mazen Wathaifi
CEO, Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)

BIVA logo

"For BIVA (Bolsa Institucional de Valores), it is an honor to join efforts with the UN SSE, IFRS Foundation, and IFC to share knowledge and best practices for sustainable performance. As a Stock Exchange, we have a responsibility to drive change, and through the Training on IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards for Mexican market participants delivered on March 19, 2024, we are confident that we will see a multiplier effect in the capabilities of our sector and in the objective of speaking a common language of sustainability with our peers around the world. We are grateful to the trainers and supporters for this opportunity, which, with excellent organization and insights, has helped Mexico continue the sustainable transition we are experiencing and has brought us closer to achieving our full potential."

María Ariza
CEO, Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA)

Donor Support

This training program has been made possible through the financial contributions made by SSE Official Supporters.

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Benefits of supporting the SSE

The SSE is the largest network to communicate exchanges’ sustainability activities in various ways, including:

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  • UN flagship reports: Trends and updates on stock exchange sustainability efforts are featured annually in the United Nations World Investment Report.
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