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NameHong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)
Number of listed companies2,602
Domestic market capitalization4,567,683 million US$
SSE Partner ExchangeYes
Has annual sustainability reportYes
ESG reporting required as a listing ruleYes
Has written guidance on ESG reportingYes
Written guidance on ESG Report includes:

Offers ESG related trainingYes
All resources can be found on the HKEX ESG Academy, a centralised ESG educational platform launched in November 2021 to guide issuers and the broader business community in their sustainability journeys. The ESG Academy comprises several sections which houses all training and guidance materials published by the Exchange. In April 2022, the Exchange launched a new page headed ESG in Practice under the ESG Academy, which highlights the Exchanges latest ESG regulatory developments, and provides examples of exemplary ESG practices amongst its issuers. 

The Exchange launched e-training courses, for directors to help them develop and refresh their knowledge and skills so as to ensure that their contribution to the board remains informed and relevant. In May 2021, the ESG Academy Webinar Series was launched to deepen ESG understanding and knowledge among listed issuers and the wider business community, and facilitate the integration of ESG considerations into their decision making processes. The Director Training Programme 2017/2018 also covers the topic of ESG reporting.

HKEX representatives also gave presentations at events organised by various non-governmental organisations and professional organisations to identify the latest trends and share practical advice in relation to ESG reporting.

In 2022, HKEX provided training on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD recommendations) in collaboration with the SSE, CDP and IFC. (source)

Market covered by sustainability-related indexYes

Has sustainability bond listing segmentYes
At the heart of STAGE is an online product repository, which provides access and transparency on sustainable finance products, including sustainability, green, and transition instruments from issuers across a variety of sectors. STAGE is also an online source of sustainable and green finance educational resources, promoting knowledge sharing and stakeholder engagement.

Has SME listing platformYes
  • GEM, since 1999

Women on boards mandatory minimum ruleYes
Source: HKEX Listing Rules
Additional informationHKEX has been rated highly and awarded by both local and overseas rating agencies or professional institutions, in recognition of its achievement in corporate governance and CSR. More details are available on the HKEX Group website.

As part of the Exchanges ongoing initiative to raise the overall standard of ESG performance and disclosures among issuers, the Exchange has conducted market consultations on proposed changes to the ESG reporting requirements under the Listing Rules. In addition, the Exchange conducts periodic review of issuers ESG disclosures and publishes its findings both on the ESG Academy and the HKEX Market website.

Organizational model of stock exchange
  • Listed company for profit; demutualized in 2000.

Regulatory bodies
Regulatory modelHKEX is a recognised exchange controller under the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Chapter 571 of the Laws of Hong Kong). The Exchange is responsible under statute for ensuring, so far as reasonably practicable, that the Hong Kong markets are fair, orderly and informed (the Exchanges statutory duty). The Securities and Futures Commission performs a lead role in market regulation and certain areas of listing regulation and a complementary role through the exercise of its statutory powers by providing investigation and enforcement in cases involving corporate misconduct. Details of the regulatory framework of Hong Kongs securities market are available on the HKEX Market website.

About the stock exchange

Location: Hong Kong

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is a publicly-traded company (HKEX Stock Code:388) and one of the worlds leading global exchange groups, offering a range of equity, derivative, commodity, fixed income and other financial markets, products and services, including the London Metals Exchange.

As a superconnector and gateway between East and West, HKEX facilitates the two-way flow of capital, ideas and dialogue between China and the rest of world, through its pioneering Connect schemes, increasingly diversified product ecosystem and its deep, liquid and international markets.

HKEX is a purpose-led organisation which, across its business and through the work of HKEX Foundation, seeks to connect, promote and progress its markets and the communities it supports for the prosperity of all.

More information about HKEX and its subsidiaries is available on the HKEX Group website