SSE Official Supporters

Official Supporters recognize that the SSE’s ‘whole of market’ approach to accelerating sustainable finance has made it the premier platform for collaboration and learning for exchanges alongside regulators, standard setters and market participants. Through their financial contributions to the SSE, Official Supporters help the SSE further its mission to build sustainable markets and disseminate best practices. Contributions enable the SSE to continue to provide exchanges, regulators and other key capital market stakeholders the technical assistance, tools and expertise required to meet their sustainability objectives. 

While SSE membership is restricted to exchanges, an Official Supporter status is available to other organisations and market participants who have an interest in delivering sustainable finance, and who wish to support UN SSE’s mission in this regard. There are two categories of official supporters: Major Projects Supporters and Mission Supporters. 

“We are proud to support the SSE initiative’s work to foster global dialogue and capacity building. When stock exchanges lead the way on disclosure, transparency, and accountability, they are an essential driver of the paradigm shift towards a stable and sustainable financial system.”

– Carole Laible CEO, Domini (Founding SSE Official Supporter)

“The Luxembourg Stock Exchange is proud to collaborate with the UN SSE, IFC and CDSB/CDP to provide climate disclosure training to market participants. Through these free courses, exchanges contribute to highlighting the importance of climate-related disclosures and help market participants understand what the TCFD recommendations mean and imply for them. We consider it as our duty to help strengthen sustainable finance knowledge across the financial sector and beyond, and these online courses clearly contribute to this objective. By joining forces, the UN SSE, IFC and CDSB have built a relevant and insightful training programme which we would recommend other exchanges to capitalize on in their respective markets. ” 

– Julie Becker, CEO, Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE)

“The Saudi Exchange is very proud of its partnership with UN SSE, IFC and CPD, to host TCFD trainings sessions for our market participants in June 2022. The training sessions provided in-depth knowledge about reporting in line with TCFD to ensure that investors can access high-quality information to advise positive climate-related investment. We at Saudi Exchange are pleased to have worked with SSE on making our market more climate resilient and a model to guide other exchanges on climate disclosure”.

– Mohammed Al Rumaih, CEO, Saudi Exchange


“ASX was pleased to offer climate disclosure training in partnership with the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (SSE). The course, which is based on the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework, is clear, effective and well run. Participation and engagement from our listed customer group was high, and the feedback on the training has been very positive. We applaud the SSE for this initiative to advance the cause of climate and ESG reporting by listed companies. Ultimately, it translates into better informed investors and better outcomes for the planet.”

– Helen Lofthouse, CEO, ASX

“The New York Stock Exchange has long focused on supporting our listed companies by providing the tools they need to produce sustainability reporting that helps investors and stakeholders make decisions. The SSE program was an important part of our program in 2022, allowing us to offer valuable disclosure training to hundreds of NYSE-listed companies and help them generate high-quality reporting on their approach to climate risk.” 

– Lynn Martin, President, New York Stock Exchange


SSE Official Supporters

Major Projects Supporters

With annual contributions of $100,000 or more, these are organisations that wish to support a specific workstream of the UN SSE, funding a whole project or major parts of it, and help the SSE to deliver no cost services and assistance to exchanges and market participants around the world. Donations of this type ensure that the SSE can provide in-depth analysis and research as well as high-quality technical assistance and market training on sustainability topics. 

Mission Supporters

With annual contributions of $10,000, these are organisations that help to ensure that the SSE can continue to operate and provide no-cost services and assistance to its growing membership body. In aggregate, Mission Supporters provide the foundation for the SSE’s operations: they ensure that resources are available for core functions such as staffing, bilateral advisory services, database maintenance, ongoing projects and annual events.

Become an Official Supporter of the SSE

If your organisation would like to become an SSE Official Supporter, please reach out directly to the SSE team:

If you would like to become a Major Projects Supporter, the SSE team will set up a call with you to discuss project details and funding opportunities. It is common to fund an existing project that has no resource allocation yet, but it is also possible to discuss new areas of collaboration. 

If you would like to join our group of Mission Supporters, we will send you a personalised invoice for 10,000 USD. As soon as we have received the funds, we will add your logo to our list of Official Supporters and share with you your Official SSE Supporter logo.

We will also ask for a quote from your organisation to use on our Official Supporters website to showcase your participation in the Official Supporters programme. If you are already a UN SSE member, we will link your logo to your factsheet, so that your exchange’s page gets more visibility. If you are a non-exchange stakeholder, we will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire, so that we can introduce your organisation or company to our network and show what role you play in supporting sustainable finance. 

Benefits of supporting the SSE

The SSE is the largest network to communicate exchanges’ sustainability activities in various ways, including:

  • Direct communication with policymakers: As an initiative launched by the UN Secretary-General, the SSE regularly convenes policymakers from securities regulators to ministers of finance to communicate the challenges and successes of exchanges in promoting sustainable finance.
  • UN flagship reports: Trends and updates on stock exchange sustainability efforts are featured annually in the United Nations World Investment Report.
  • SSE Academy: The SSE provides market education programmes at no cost to exchanges to assist them in their efforts to keep market participants up to date on the latest standards and trends in ESG disclosure and sustainable finance. 
  • Online database: The SSE maintains the largest online database of stock exchange ESG activities. This is the most visited page on the SSE website and widely used as the authoritative source for exchange activities on sustainable finance.
  • SSE events: The SSE organises its flagship event which happens every two years, the SSE Global Dialogue, as well as other national or regional events. We also work with stock exchanges to assist them in the development of their own events and workshops and we organise sessions at other global forums such as the UN Climate Conferences (COPs).Social media: SSE tweets have received over 1 million impressions and our Linkedin page has over 3,300 followers.
  • Newsletter: Approximately 3,000 subscribers receive a monthly highlights newsletter covering stock exchange and securities regulator sustainability activities
  • “Exchange in Focus”: Articles published on the SSE website highlight your exchange’s or organisation’s leadership and enable exchanges to illustrate their sustainability action on the ground.

In addition to enabling the SSE to strengthen and broaden its activities in providing technical assistance, research, and consensus-building activities for its members, SSE Mission and Major Project Supporters also receive a number of unique benefits:

  • Official recognition of your status as an SSE Official Supporter on the SSE website. 
  • Major Projects Supporters who are funding a database, publication or event, will have their logo and or name appear on the relevant page and or product.
  • Official Supporters will be recognized through a number of the SSE’s media platforms including social media and in its monthly newsletter. In addition, your logo will be shown at the end of every SSE Quarterly Webinar
  • Members of the Official Supporters program will have the first opportunity to reserve a seat at an SSE event and will be offered speaking opportunities at most SSE events and other activities. This includes the Global Dialogue and the UN Climate Conference. We will also invite your CEO to be interviewed for SSE TV (in-person at our studio on the NYSE trading floor or virtually). 
  • A yearly impact report will be shared with all SSE’s Official Supporters combined with an annual consultation call to share SSE work plans, results and impacts.