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Exchange in Focus: LuxSE launches unique data hub for sustainable finance

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) launched the LGX DataHub, a unique, centralised database of structured data on a vast range of sustainable securities. Built and managed by the sustainable finance team at LuxSE, the LGX DataHub addresses the complex data challenge that asset managers and investors are facing when building sustainable investment strategies or reporting on their investments.

“Asset managers and investors need structured, reliable and complete data sets to build their sustainable investment portfolios. With the LGX DataHub, we have identified and collected the data market players need for their analysis and reporting purposes. We make this data available in a structured and searchable form to our users. Transparency is the best way to create trust and confidence among investors, and transparency is built on data,” explains Julie Becker, Deputy CEO of LuxSE and Founder of Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX).

The LGX DataHub is a centralised database that gathers data on Green, Social and Sustainability securities, offering a unique level of granularity. It includes detailed pre-issuance and post-issuance information that market participants need to build sustainable investment strategies, meet their reporting requirements and stay compliant with new regulations. Pre-issuance data covers the commitments made by the issuers in terms of use of proceeds, project selection, and management of proceeds and reporting.

Post-issuance data, on the other hand, provides information on how the proceeds of the bonds are invested, and indicates what the environmental and social benefits of these investments are. The LGX Datahub also features data points illustrating an investment’s contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

As such, asset managers and investors will now be able to access, search and explore a vast amount of data points on sustainable securities and the underlying assets. The LGX DataHub also enables them to extract the relevant information and easily compare the impact of different sustainable investments. 

“Data collection is a manual and time-consuming task. Thanks to LGX DataHub and its user-friendly features, market participants can access all the data they need in one centralised place. This means that they can spend less time gathering data and more time building and implementing their sustainable investment strategies,” comments Laetitia Hamon, Head of Sustainable Finance at LuxSE.

At launch, the LGX DataHub covers structured and granular data on the full universe of Green, Social and Sustainability bonds displayed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX). The scope of the LGX DataHub will gradually increase to cover the entire universe of listed, sustainable securities.

SSE Databases 

The SSE’s research pillar aims to support a better understanding of the key sustainability issues facing stock exchanges and provide decision-ready data and best-practice examples to assist exchange leaders in their sustainability efforts. Research compiled by the SSE initiative is provided free of charge as a public good and is available on the SSE’s website, through publications, and via interactive online databases.

SSE Stock Exchange Database

To learn more, visit the SSE’s database of stock exchange sustainability activities. Currently, the database has data on 103 stock exchanges and tracks progress on key activities where exchanges are promoting sustainable business and investment practices. It is the largest data set of its kind and the data is freely accessible.