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Green trees

Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s platform for sustainable finance, has surpassed the EUR 1 trillion mark in listed sustainable securities. LGX, launched in 2016, serves as a platform for sustainable securities, providing issuers with a space to list green, social, and sustainability bonds. 

The platform's success in reaching the EUR 1 trillion mark highlights the growing demand for sustainable investment options globally and the increasing importance of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into financial markets. LGX's growth reflects the shift towards more sustainable investment practices and demonstrates the commitment of market participants to addressing environmental and social challenges through finance. By providing a dedicated platform for sustainable securities, LGX enables investors to easily identify and access environmentally and socially responsible investment opportunities.

Luxembourg Stock Exchange has been an SSE Partner Exchange since 2016 and has engaged with the SSE in a number of projects including serving as chair of the Advisory Group on Green Finance, committing to Net Zero by joining the Net Zero Exchange Group and participating in the Advisory Group on Carbon Markets.

The UN SSE congratulates the Luxembourg Stock Exchange for promoting sustainable financial products and for their continuous effort to grow sustainable finance markets. You can read the full article published by LuxSE here.