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This is an invitation only event. For more information, please contact the SSE team.

This quarter’s focus will be on "Climate Transition Plans," featuring expert insights from the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI), the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), and Chapter Zero.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Secretariat Update: Launch of 2 new Advisory Groups on SMEs and Transition Plans
  • Main Presentations: Learn from leading specialists at TPI, GFANZ, and Chapter Zero as they share their latest findings and strategies on effective climate transition planning.
  • Open Floor Panel Discussion: Engage in a dynamic discussion on the practicalities and challenges of implementing climate transition plans. An opportunity for participants to ask questions and gain deeper understanding from our expert speakers

Climate transition plans are critical for steering towards a net-zero future. This webinar will equip you with essential knowledge and tools to develop and implement robust transition strategies within your organization. You'll gain valuable insights from our distinguished speakers and have the opportunity to engage in dynamic discussions on the practicalities and challenges of climate transition planning. This event is set to provide a comprehensive overview of effective climate transition planning, featuring expert insights and practical strategies from leading specialists in the field.

Call to Action:

The transition to a sustainable economy requires the active participation of all market stakeholders. We urge exchanges to engage with policymakers, relevant authorities, and groups to support the adoption of comprehensive climate transition plans. This is an opportunity to contribute to the global effort in advancing sustainability.

About the UN SSE Quarterly Calls and How to Register:

The UN SSE Quarterly Calls provide a platform for partner exchanges, regulators, investors, issuers, and other key market stakeholders to share experiences and contribute to the SSE's work plan. The Webinars are available for SSE partner exchanges, stakeholders and official supporters only. However, if you have not received your personalised invitation yet, or if you wish to join our webinars in the future, please contact the SSE team to discuss options. 

Summary and Presentation

The SSE team provided an overview of the SSE Academy workshop offering (Gender Equality and Capital markets and IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards). In addition, the SSE team launched two Advisory groups, one on SMEs and Sustainability and the second on Climate Transition Plans. Lastly, the exchanges heard from Chapter Zero and the Transition Plan Taskforce on Climate Transition Planning.


SSE Slide deck Q2 2024


Chief Coordinator
Anthony Miller

SSE Academy Head
Tiffany Grabski

Deputy Coordinator
Lisa Remke

Senior Specialist
Corli Le Roux

Senior Specialist
Lois Guthrie

Chapter Zero
Chair of the Board
Julie Baddeley

Transition Plan Taskforce
International Engagement Lead
Kate Ryan