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of board seats on G20 listed companies held by women

Gender equality on boards

Tracking the gender balance of issuer’s boards, along with other related data, provides a useful benchmark for exchanges and other key stakeholders to assess progress in promoting gender equality among listed companies. More information about the SSE campaign for Gender Equality can be found here.

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An analysis of the gender balance of the top 100 issuers* by market capitalization from each of the 22 exchanges in the G20 and from the top 5 markets by market capitalization in seven different country groupings** (35 markets in total)

MarketStock Exchange % of Women on BoardMandatory Minimum Rule?If yes, % WomenIf yes, N Women% of Women Chair% of Women CEOCountry GroupG20 Countries
FranceEuronext Paris45Yes4066EuropeYes
United KingdomLondon Stock Exchange39No147EuropeYes
ItalyBorsa Italiana (LSE Group)36Yes40152EuropeYes
SwedenNasdaq Stockholm36No1212EuropeNo
Australia Australian Securities Exchange35No1110USCANZYes
United States NYSE34No1213USCANZYes
Canada TMX Group Inc.33No115USCANZYes
Germany Deutsche Börse33Yes3053EuropeYes
South AfricaJohannesburg Stock Exchange32No158AfricaYes
United StatesNasdaq31Yes136USCANZYes
New ZealandNew Zealand Stock Exchange29No186USCANZNo
SwitzerlandSIX Swiss Exchange28Yes3054EuropeNo
MalaysiaBursa Malaysia26Yes152South-eastern AsiaNo
KenyaNairobi Securities Exchange24No159AfricaNo
NigeriaNigerian Exchange Group23Yes33510AfricaNo
G20G20 Average2275Yes
PhilippinesPhilippine Stock Exchange20No78South-eastern AsiaNo
MoroccoCasablanca Stock Exchange20Yes3074AfricaNo
ThailandStock Exchange of Thailand20No78South-eastern AsiaNo
SingaporeSingapore Exchange18No98South-eastern AsiaNo
China Shenzhen Stock Exchange17No66Eastern AsiaYes
India National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)
Bombay Stock Exchange of India (BSE)
17Yes166Southern AsiaYes
JapanJapan Exchange Group17No31Eastern AsiaYes
Chile Bolsa de Santiago16No23South AmericaNo
TürkiyeBorsa İstanbul16No32Western AsiaYes
BrazilB314No53South AmericaYes
China Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited14Yes165Eastern AsiaYes
Indonesia Indonesia Stock Exchange13No136South-eastern AsiaYes
Peru Bolsa de Valores de Lima13No55South AmericaNo
Russian Federation Moscow Exchange13No42Eastern EuropeYes
China Shanghai Stock Exchange12No21Eastern AsiaYes
Egypt Egyptian Exchange12Yes2532AfricaNo
Argentina Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos11Yes3334South AmericaYes
MexicoBolsa Mexicana de Valores11No20South AmericaYes
Korea (Republic of) Korea Stock Exchange10Yes112Eastern AsiaYes
United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi Securities Exchange8Yes101Western AsiaNo
KuwaitBoursa Kuwait5No34Western AsiaNo
Saudi ArabiaThe Saudi Stock Exchange Tadawul3No21Western AsiaYes
QatarQatar Stock Exchange2No22Western AsiaNo

Source: Data provided by Bloomberg. Additional company data compiled by SSE based on the latest available reports (2021 annual reports). Listing rule data compiled by SSE based on the latest available information (Q1 2023).

*If the exchange has less than 100 issuers, all the issuers were included in the analysis (the case of Argentina).

**Country groupings are based on UNSD definitions of region, sub-region and intermediate region except for the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which were bundled into the “USCANZ” group.

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