Gender Equality Database


of board seats on G20 listed companies held by women

Gender equality on the boards

Tracking the gender balance of issuer’s boards, along with other related data, provides a useful benchmark for exchanges and other key stakeholders to assess progress in promoting gender equality among listed companies. More information about the SSE campaign for Gender Equality can be found here.

An analysis of the gender balance of the top 100 issuers* by market capitalization from each of the 22 exchanges in the G20

MarketStock Exchange % of Women on BoardRule% WomenNumber Women% of Women Chair% of Women CEO
Argentina Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos10.8No21
Australia Australian Securities Exchange32.3No148
Canada TMX Group Inc.30.2No-94
China Shenzhen Stock Exchange17.3No511
China HKEX13.6No75
China Shanghai Stock Exchange10.3No32
FranceEuronext Paris44.3Yes40¹25
Germany Deutsche Börse32.5Yes3042
India National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)
/ Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
Indonesia Indonesia Stock Exchange10.3No93
ItalyBorsa Italiana (LSE Group)37.5Yes33135
JapanJapan Exchange Group11.9No10
MexicoBolsa Mexicana de Valores7.8No21
Russia Moscow Exchange10.6No30
Saudi ArabiaThe Saudi Stock Exchange Tadawul1.2No11
South AfricaJohannesburg Stock Exchange28.5No112
South KoreaSouth Korea Stock Exchange7.4Yes112
The United KingdomLondon Stock Exchange36.2No55
The United States of America NYSE30.4No98
The United States of America Nasdaq27.8Yes135
TurkeyBorsa İstanbul14.9No-63
G20G20 Average20.25.53.5

Source: Data provided by Bloomberg. Additional company data compiled by SSE based on the latest available reports (2019 annual reports). Listing rule data compiled by SSE based on the latest available information (Q1 2021).

*If the exchange has less than 100 issuers, all the issuers were included in the analysis

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