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UNEP-FI launches integrated governance report

UNEP-FI is pleased to introduce the report Integrated Governance – A new model of governance for sustainability as its newest contribution to the sustainable investment field. Developed in collaboration with leading governance experts from Harvard Business School and UNEP-FI’s Asset Management Working Group (AMWG), it was launched on 16 June at the margins of the International corporate International Corporate Governance Network’s (ICGN) Annual Conference in Amsterdam.

The report proposes a model of Integrated Governance that puts sustainability at the heart of governance and corporate boards’ strategic agendas. The Integrated Governance model is the system by which companies are directed and controlled, in which sustainability issues are integrated in a way that ensures value creation for the company and beneficial results for all stakeholders in the long term. The report illustrates the inadequacies of current corporate governance practices and outlines three phases that help companies move towards Integrated Governance, leading to a holistic integration of sustainability in their corporate strategies.

To read the report, click on the following link:

Integrated Governance – A new model of governance for sustainability

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