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NameZimbabwe Stock Exchange
Number of listed companies56
Domestic market capitalization28,586 million US$
SSE Partner ExchangeYes
Has annual sustainability reportNo
ESG reporting required as a listing ruleYes
  • In June 2019 the exchange announced new listing requirements, which includes “Part XXI Sustainability Information and Disclosure (paragraphs 399 to 404, pages 157 to 158). The new listing requirements can be found here.

Has written guidance on ESG reportingNo
Offers ESG related trainingYes
In April 2023, the ZSE in partnership with Institute for Sustainability Africa (INAF) hosted an ESG Training ; see LinkedIn Source

Market covered by sustainability-related indexNo
Has sustainability bond listing segmentNo
Has SME listing platformNo
Women on boards mandatory minimum ruleNo
Additional information
Organizational model of stock exchange
  • Public Limited Company

Regulatory bodies


Regulatory model
  • The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) Act reached the statute book in January 1974. The members of the Exchange continued to trade as before. However for legal reasons, it became necessary to bring into being a new Exchange coincidental with the passing of the legislation.The present Exchange therefore dates back from the passing of the Act. In 2004, the Securities Act was promulgated to repeal the ZSE Act and became operational in September 2008. The Securities Commission of Zimbabwe is the capital market regulator and it became operational in October 2008 and is governed by commissioners appointed by the Minister of Finance with a tenure of four years. (source)
  • The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange serves three critical functions:
  1. Providing a link between companies that need funds to set up new businesses or to expand current operations and investors that have excess funds to invest in such companies
  2. Provide a regulated market place for buying and selling of shares at prices determined by supply and demand, not withstanding other macro economic fundamentals
  3. Provide a properly constituted and regulated environment that ensures market integrity and fairness among stock market participants. (source)

About the stock exchangeLocation: Harare, Zimbabwe

  • The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange was founded in 1946. In 2009, Zimbabwe adopted the USD as its primary trading currency
Ownership of Exchange (Shares >4% only)Share
Government of Zimbabwe32%