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NameBolsa de Valores & Productos de Asuncin S.A. (BVPASA)
Number of listed companies52
Domestic market capitalization1,523 million US$
SSE Partner ExchangeYes
Has annual sustainability reportNo
ESG reporting required as a listing ruleNo
Has written guidance on ESG reportingNo
Offers ESG related trainingNo
Market covered by sustainability-related indexNo
Has sustainability bond listing segmentNo
Has SME listing platformNo
Women on boards mandatory minimum ruleNo
Additional information
Organizational model of stock exchangeNot for Profit

Regulatory bodies

Regulatory modelLimited exchange SRO

About the stock exchangeBVPASA is Paraguays only stock Exchange that also runs as Depositary, helping investor and issuers to raise capital for 27 years. We offer to the market an electronic platform for exchange trading, securities listing, initial public offering and market data services. As Depositary we offer a wide range of services including registry keeping, clearing and settlement, asset and registry servicing.

Mission: Provide services, information and infrastructure, efficiently, transparent and reliable, for the development of the market

Vision: Be the center of business, reference in transparency and innovation, the driving force of the countrys economic development, integrated to the world markets