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NameBolsa de Valores de Colombia (Colombian Securities Exchange)
Number of listed companies65
Domestic market capitalization90,541 million US$
SSE Partner ExchangeYes
Has annual sustainability reportYes


ESG reporting required as a listing ruleNo
Has written guidance on ESG reportingYes

Offers ESG related trainingYes

In 2021, Bolsa de Valores de Colombia provided training on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD recommendations) in collaboration with the SSE, CDP and IFC. (source)

Market covered by sustainability-related indexYes

Has sustainability bond listing segmentYes

Has SME listing platformYes

Women on boards mandatory minimum ruleNo
Additional information

Organizational model of stock exchange
  • Listed company for profit; demutualized in 2007.

Regulatory bodies

Regulatory model
Independent Member Self-Regulatory Organization Model

  • The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit is an entity of the Colombian Federal Government that issues regulations and laws regarding the stock exchange. The Superintendent of Financial Institutions sets out instructions in order for exchanges to remain compliant with the aforementioned laws and regulations. The Exchange of Colombia is self-regulatory and manages its own operations; its supervisory tasks are handled by a separate organization it created in 2006 which is known as the “Autorregulador del Mercado de Valores”.

About the stock exchange
  • Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (bvc) is the Leading operator of the Colombian capital market infrastructure with presencein the entire value chain. bvc provides solutions and services of Pre-trading (issuer services and issuances), Trading(access, electronic and OTC), Post-trading (clearing, settlement, custody and securities administration), Information(market data and price vendor) and Technology (systems implementation of core banking, capital markets and digital solutions) in the markets of equities, fixed income, derivatives and FX in a direct fashion or through its subsidiaries and investments. (Source: BVC).