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Nairobi, Kenya

The sustainable development agenda culminated last year with the UN climate summit (COP21) where world leaders demonstrated the necessity for collective action on climate change. The momentum of this global agreement carries over to 2016 which sees the launch of the G20 Green Finance Study Group and the Financial Stability Board’s (FSB) industry-led disclosure task force on climate-related financial risks. Together these initiatives indicate the growing importance policy makers now place on the finance community’s contribution to the global climate agenda. The SSE Executive Dialogue on Green Finance addressed key elements of the new global agenda on green finance, and evaluated what role stock exchanges can play at the UNCTAD World Investment Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.


Key questions to addressed:

  • What challenges and opportunities does the global green finance agenda pose to capital markets worldwide, and what does this mean for Stock Exchanges?
  • What green finance products are having the greatest impact, and which products can stock exchanges best support?
  • What impact will the new green finance agenda have on the alignment of the financial and real economies?
  • How will stock exchanges be expected to support this new agenda?

NOTE: This event already took place. The news release on this event can be found here.



Opening remarks



Keynote Address



High-level Dialogue