Regional Dialogue – Nordic Countries

4 Nov, 2015
Helsinki, Finland

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On Wednesday, 4 November 2015 the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Regional Dialogue: Nordic Countries took place in Helsinki, Finland. The SSE Regional Dialogue, the first of its kind in the region, offered a unique platform for CEO’s of stock exchanges, listed companies and institutional investors, alongside high-level policy makers and regulators, to demonstrate leadership and understanding of the sustainable development opportunities and challenges facing capital markets today.

Hosted by Nasdaq Helsinki, the SSE Regional Dialogue welcomed more than 100 participants from across Nordic markets. A high-level policy dialogue took place in the morning of 4 November, followed in the afternoon by practical workshops to assist investors, companies and other capital market stakeholders with integrating sustainable development into investment and business strategies.

Key questions to be addressed at this SSE Regional Dialogue include:

  • What role can stock exchanges, regulators and investors play to improve the environmental, social and governance performance of companies? What are the experiences of listed companies?
  • What are the main challenges and opportunities for promoting sustainable development through capital markets?
  • What next steps can be taken by policy makers, regulators, investors, companies and exchanges collectively in the region? What are the key roles for each actor?
  • What regional and national policy options are available to reinforce existing best practices?

NOTE: This is event already took place. The news release on this event can be found here.

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