Q4 2020 Quarterly Webinar

15 Dec, 2020

This is an invitation only event. For more information, please contact the SSE team.

The UN SSE Consultative Group Quarterly Calls allow partner exchanges, regulators, investors, issuers, and other key market stakeholders to share their experiences and to contribute to the SSE’s work plan. More information on the Q1 2020 Webinar and Q2 2020 Webinar can be found here and here.

In the Q4 2020 Webinar we would like to focus on the coordination, convergence, and alignment of ESG reporting standards by talking about the efforts of the “G5” group of organizations establishing sustainability standards and frameworks.

If you are interested in joining the SSE Consultative Group please contact us at info@SSEinitiative.org

The SSE Q4 2020 Call will take place on Tuesday 15 December 2020 at 09:00 and 16:00 Geneva Time.




Exchanges are often asked by their issuers questions about the different standards and frameworks on ESG disclosure and are sometimes confronted with confusion regarding different standards. This webinar will offer the opportunity to hear directly from the members of the “G5” group of ESG standard setters and framework creators.

The webinar will focus on their efforts towards strengthening cooperation, coordination and alignment of ESG reporting standards. Participants will get an update on the current state of affairs, including views on the IFRS Foundation’s proposal for a new Sustainability Standards Board. Register now to have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the standard setters.


  • Mardi McBrien
    Managing Director
  • Jonathan Labrey
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Scott Hanson
    Principal, Public Policy & Regulation
  • Bastian Buck
    Chief Standards Officer
  • Simon Messenger
    Senior Advisor
  • Katie Schmitz-Eulitt
    Director Investor Outreach
  • Anthony Miller
    Coordinator of UN SSE initiative
  • Pietro Bertazzi
    Global Director - Policy Engagement

About the SSE

​The SSE initiative is a UN Partnership Programme organised by UNCTAD, the UN Global Compact, UNEP FI and the PRI. The SSE’s mission is to provide a global platform for exploring how exchanges, in collaboration with investors, companies (issuers), regulators, policymakers and relevant international organizations, can enhance performance on ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) issues and encourage sustainable investment, including the financing of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The SSE seeks to achieve this mission through an integrated programme of conducting evidence-based policy analysis, facilitating a network and forum for multi-stakeholder consensus-building, and providing technical assistance and advisory services.