Brazil: Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds – Títulos Verdes, Sociais e Sustentáveis

29 Jul, 2020

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This event was in Portuguese only and designed for the Brazilian market. 

NOTE: This event already took place.

English version


Webinar 1: Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds in Brazil: State of Play and How to Issue


Webinar Series

In partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Financial Innovation Laboratory (LAB), Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and B3, SSE discussed green, social and sustainable bonds: current situation and how to issue.

SSE presented the state of play including the emergence of COVID-19 bonds.

There were 397 participants.




Portuguese version

Webinar 1: Títulos Verdes, Sociais e Sustentáveis: Conjuntura Atual e Como Emitir


Em parceria com o Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (BID), Laboratório de Inovação Financeira (LAB), Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) e a B3, SSE irá discutir títulos verdes, sociais e sustentáveis: conjuntura atual e como emitir.

SSE irá apresentar a conjuntura atual dos títulos sociais destinados a mitigar o impacto socioeconômico da pandemia.



Apresentações – slides




  • Rita Schmutz
    Project Officer
  • Daniela Baccas
    Lead, Financial Innovation Laboratory
    Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil
  • Maria Netto
    Financial Institutions Lead Specialist
    Inter-American Development Bank
  • Gustavo Pimentel
    Managing Director, Sustainable Finance
    SITAWI Finance for Good
  • Odivan Cargnin
    CFO and IR
  • Wellington Rodgerio
    Finance Director
    Sabará Group

29 Jul, 2020

  • Welcoming remarks

  • Introduction to Green, Social and Sustainable bonds  

       What: a capital market strategy for financing projects with positive socio-economic and environmental impacts 

       The state of play including COVID-19 related trends

  • Green, Social and Sustainable bonds issuance process

  • Practical experience from the Brazilian market

  • Q&A 

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