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This is an invitation only event. For more information, please contact the SSE team.

To provide markets with high-quality training on gender equality for capital market participants, this pilot training was developed in collaboration with the IFC and in strategic collaboration with UN Women and Columbia University’s Sustainable Investing Research Initiative.



Module 1: Sustainable Performance – Using Finance for Gender Equality



This module provides an overview of how companies can enhance performance on gender equality, supporting both companies and investors in understanding how to integrate gender equality considerations into their performance measurements. The module looks at this topic from a market perspective by discussing what stock exchanges and regulators are doing to break down barriers and engage on diversity topics, providing a macro-level view of the topic. To evaluate the impact at the company level, the module additionally provides guidance on gender equality principles and disclosure standards and frameworks. To put these guidelines into practice the module further narrows down into the gender pay gap with a guest speaker from Gapsquare, and utilizes an interactive activity to enhance understanding on setting successful targets. 



The learning objectives of Module 1 are:



  • Understand the barriers and unconscious biases preventing gender equality in your market and your organization;
  • Identify the practices that can enhance diversity performance in your organization;
  • Identify mechanisms for communicating gender-related metrics with stakeholders and understanding what information investors are looking for in corporate reports.



This pilot is open only to employees of UN SSE Partner Exchanges, members of the SSE Regulator Working Group, SSE Official Supporters and other recognized UN SSE partner organizations.