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Expo City Dubai - Al Wasl Avenue - Dubai - Dubaï - United Arab Emirates

Date: Monday, 4 December 2023

Time: 9:00 -10:00 (local time, subject to change)

Organizers: UN SSE, UNCTAD

Location: B7 Building 88, room 39 on the 1st floor (not ground floor) "Trade House", Blue Zone, Expo City, Dubai

Stock exchanges can play a crucial role in the innovation of financial solutions that bolster climate-positive initiatives and the promotion of climate action among companies. Through the development of climate-aligned products, services, and rules, exchanges hold a pivotal role in enhancing the climate resilience of their markets. Exchanges also assume significant importance in facilitating the adoption of new climate-aligned standards and the dissemination of climate-related information across financial markets. Exchanges can contribute to the transformation of markets towards a net-zero future by implementing guidelines, benchmarks, and educational initiatives.

Key topics to be addressed include the role of exchanges in: 

  • Helping align climate-related disclosures to global standards, including providing bespoke guidance and training to their issuers.
  • Innovating new climate-aligned products and services such as Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs).
  • Ensuring green finance products (like green bonds) better serve the financing needs of emerging markets.
  • Supporting the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net-Zero and using their market influence to accelerate the transition to net zero emission economies. 

This session will be live-streamed. You can click here to watch the live session.

You can download the map of the venue here.

Once in the Building 88, head to the first floor and take left.