COP 26: CEO Roundtable: Race to Zero – How stock exchanges can tackle the climate crisis

3 Nov, 2021
Glasgow, UK

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Business commitments to net zero are vital and can set a demand signal that encourages further ambition from others, creating mutually reinforcing action between government and the private sector. Stock exchanges are key players in the advancement of business commitments to climate-related goals and advocating companies to provide decision-useful information to their investors on their net zero commitment. As the core of capital market systems, stock exchanges have an important voice in the market and through their educational initiatives, disclosure requirements and leadership role in the market, they have an important role to play in advancing climate-aligned business practices and the transition to net zero. 

In this session, leading stock exchange CEOs discussed the role of exchanges in tackling the climate crisis, highlight specific initiatives from their markets and explain why they are supporting initiatives such the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ).

This session took place on 3 Nov, 17.30 to 18.45
in Room 2 in the Climate Action Zone (Blue Zone)



Introductory remarks:

  • Tiffany Grabski
    Senior Specialist Climate Action
    UN SSE


  • Mardi McBrien
    Managing Director


  • Julie Becker
  • Loh Boon Chye
    Singapore Exchange
  • Leila Fourie
    Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • Julia Hoggett
    London Stock Exchange

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