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WFE joins forces with SSE for joint publication on sustainable derivatives exchanges

Earlier this year the SSE launched a new work-stream on the role of derivatives exchanges in promoting sustainable development. This project was born out of discussions with the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) as well as demand from a number of derivative exchanges that have approached the SSE about this question in recent years, including CME which is now the Chair of the SSE Derivatives Markets Advisory Group. 

The SSE is pleased to announce that the WFE has formally joined forces with SSE on this project to produce a joint publication on the role of derivatives exchanges in promoting sustainable development. In 2019, the WFE published a pioneering White Paper on Sustainability & Commodity Derivatives that continues to play an influential role in ongoing discussions within the industry. The SSE welcomes the valuable contribution of the WFE and its commitment to promoting sustainability across all markets. 

Last year, the WFE (the global industry group for exchanges and CCPs) and the SSE (a UN Partnership Programme organized by UNCTAD, UN Global Compact, UNEP-FI and PRI) formalized their deepening partnership with the two organizations agreeing to work together on joint publications and research. More details about this partnership here.  

A work in progress

The SSE Derivatives Exchanges Advisory Group involves more than 60 members from 34 different organizations across 22 countries, including derivatives exchanges, securities regulators, investors and other SSE stakeholders. This group has already deliberated via webinar and written comments on a ‘Zero Draft’ of a report on how derivatives exchanges can contribute to sustainable development. The next iteration of the draft document went out for review by the advisory group on 1 October 2020. Based on the expertise and constructive inputs of this advisory group the report is expected to be finalized by December 2020.