UN SSE welcomes Mercado Abierto Electrónico

2 October 2023

The UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative welcomes Mercado Abierto Electrónico (MAE). MAE has solidified its commitment to transparency and sustainability by becoming a partner derivative exchange of the UN SSE initiative. The newest partner joins a network of over 130 exchanges around the world that are committed to promoting sustainable development. The SSE works with exchanges through technical assistance, consensus building, and research to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to stimulate investment for a sustainable future. Exchanges around the world partner with the SSE to work towards a common objective of fostering financial markets that support the growth of sustainable and responsible business practices. Mr. Tomás Godino, CEO of MAE, said: "At MAE, we reaffirm our commitment to sustainable development by becoming a member of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Initiative. We understand that the future of financial markets is closely linked to social and environmental progress. We believe that responsible investment and the promotion of sustainable business practices are fundamental to the well-being of society and the preservation of the environment. This action underlines our determination in the pursuit of a capital market that actively promotes sustainability, thus contributing to a better future." About Mercado Abierto Electrónico MAE - Mercado Abierto Electrónico S.A. - started its activities in 1989 and today is the most important electronic market for trading securities and foreign currency in Argentina. The MAE trades fixed-income securities, equities, currencies, interest rates, swaps and derivatives. MAE's purpose is to be a market that provides services and solutions for our clients' financial operations, through technology, talent and operational excellence. MAE has more than 250 clients, including domestic and foreign private banks, provincial and municipal banks, financial companies, exchange houses, brokerage houses, issuing corporations, among others. For more information visit https://www.mae.com.ar/

SSE Derivatives Exchange Database

To learn more about what the Mercado Abierto Electrónico and other derivatives exchanges around the world are doing to promote ESG disclosure and sustainable finance, visit the SSE’s database of derivatives exchange sustainability activities and read the SSE Guidance on Derivative Exchanges. Currently, the database has data on 14 derivatives exchanges and 122 stock exchanges. The SSE’s databases track progress on key activities where exchanges are promoting sustainable business and investment practices. It is the largest data set of its kind and the data is freely accessible.

About the SSE

​The SSE initiative is a UN Partnership Programme organised by UNCTAD, the UN Global Compact, UNEP FI and the PRI. The SSE’s mission is to provide a global platform for exploring how exchanges, in collaboration with investors, companies (issuers), regulators, policymakers and relevant international organizations, can enhance performance on ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) issues and encourage sustainable investment, including the financing of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The SSE seeks to achieve this mission through an integrated programme of conducting evidence-based policy analysis, facilitating a network and forum for multi-stakeholder consensus-building, and providing technical assistance and advisory services.