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Ukraine: Disclosure and Transparency: Beyond The Balance Sheet

SSE joins efforts with the IFC and the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine (NSSMC) to help companies in Ukraine learn how to best disclose non-financial information.

“The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the most severe market crash since the global financial crisis. Those investors, however, who prioritized good ESG practices were found to be more resilient and achieved superior results. A sound ESG discourse is one of the key components for investors in their decision-making. I am happy to announce that today’s event kicks off the series of IFC ECA ESG advisory webinars providing the opportunity for many Ukrainian businesses to explore critical insights of transparent corporate reporting, which will increase their access to finance and enhance their valuations”, said Jason Pellmar during the webinar, organized jointly by SSE, IFC and NSSMC.

The initiative is part of the broader cooperation with the NSSMC to promote the development of sustainable finance in Ukraine. It aims to help companies in Ukraine understand how to report better to investors and other key stakeholders, building on IFC’s award-winning Disclosure and Transparency Toolkit “Beyond the Balance Sheet”, IFC’s Financial Institutions Group, and UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative resources.

The webinar had the objective of demonstrating the strategic value and demand for corporate reporting and disclosure practices; providing practical guidance, tools, and resources for integrating financial and ESG reporting practices in emerging markets; and further develop and support capacity-building resources, networks, and partnerships in Ukraine.

Disclosure and transparency are critical for attracting capital and building resilient enterprises in emerging markets. Transparent corporate reporting, integrating financial and ESG information, increases trust and confidence for investors, as it provides critical insights into how companies manage their operations and make decisions relevant to pursuing opportunities and managing risks. Corporate reporting may also shed light on how companies create different types of long-term value, including contributions to addressing societal crises, such as the current pandemic.

More details about this event here.

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