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The UN Sustainable Stock Exchange Welcomes The Somali Stock Exchange

The Somali Stock Exchange has solidified its commitment to the transparency and sustainability of Somalia’s growing economy as a member of the UN Sustainable Stock Exchange. The SSE’s newest member joins a network of now 90 stock exchanges around the world that are committed to sustainable development through transparent capital markets that align with sustainable development objectives.

“The UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative now has over 90 members worldwide and, we are absolutely delighted to become the latest member -. A as Somalia’s economy grows, we believe that it is vital for a country such as ours to create a sustainable market and, we look forward to working closely with the organization the United Nations in order to achieve our mutual goals,” said Mr. Hassan Dudde, CEO of the Somali Stock Exchange.

Launched in 2011 and founded by the Somali Economic Forum’s (SEF) management, the Somali Stock Exchange is dedicated to encouraging foreign direct investment into the region.  The first ever stock exchange to operate within Somalia, the exchange serves both Somali and global investors and provides world class market technology, innovative products and business solutions.

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