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ISSB webinar series

(30 May 2024) The IFRS Foundation hosted the first episode of their webinar series “Perspectives on sustainability disclosure” inviting Sue Lloyd, Vice Chair (ISSB), Tiffany Grabski, Academy Head (UN SSE), René van Merrienboer, Director of Sustainable Systems (PRI), David Harris, Head of Sustainable Finance Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships (LSEG), Fiona Watson, Senior Director Corporate Performance & Accountability (WBCSD), and moderator Neil Stewart, Director of Corporate Outreach, ISSB Market Engagement (IFRS Foundation). During this webinar, the panelists discussed the benefits to investors, companies and capital markets of early adoption of the IFRS S1 and S2 standards.

“As one of the IFRS Foundation’s capacity building partners, the SSE was honored to participate in this discussion and share from our experience training nearly 5,000 market participants on the new ISSB standards," said Tiffany Grabski. “It is important to focus on capacity-building at all levels of the organization and our aim is to ensure that globally, all market participants understand this global baseline and speak the same reporting language,” she added.

Earlier this year, the UN SSE and IFRS Foundation published a Model Guidance on Sustainability-Related Financial Disclosures. This document aims to support stock exchanges and their market participants in the implementation of the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards. This tool is part of the SSE Toolkit on Sustainability-Related Financial Disclosures, and is designed to complement the SSE Academy’s training program on the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards. The SSE will continue to work with its partners to add new tools as necessary to provide ongoing support to stock exchanges and their markets on this topic.

Since the publication of the Standards in 2023, the UN SSE and IFRS Foundation have delivered 19 CPD-certified workshops with 16 stock exchanges, training nearly 5,000 participants. 

The IFRS Foundation also offers educational and capacity-building opportunities, such as this webinar, to help companies prepare to use IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards for reporting on sustainability risks and opportunities.

Future topics of the series will include:

  • Getting started with the ISSB Standards: Resource guide
  • The value of industry-based disclosures
  • Ramping up systems and processes for sustainability data
  • The status of assurance for sustainability disclosures
  • The transition to IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards for companies applying TCFD recommendations.
  • Using the GHG Protocol to account for climate-related risks and opportunities

Watch the full webinar here.