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SSE at center of calls for action at the IV international forum on sustainability in Santiago, Chile

Santiago - Sarah Bostwick of the United Nations Global Compact, a co-organizer of the SSE, emphasized in her remarks that the very existence of the SSE is a positive indicator of the progress stock exchanges around the world are making to promote corporate sustainability in their markets.

Bostwick called on stock exchanges, investors, companies, regulators, and policy-makers to take specific actions to mobilize responsible investment and corporate sustainability that play to the strength and competence of each constituent.

Before an international audience, the Santiago Exchange (Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago), represented by Board President Juan Andrés Camus and CEO José Antonio Martínez, announced the forthcoming development of a new, investable sustainability index and confirmed that the Board is considering becoming an SSE Partner Exchange. The board decision is expected at the end of November. Santiago would become the sixth SSE Partner Exchange in the Latin American and Caribbean region, alongside BM&FBOVESPA, Colombia, Jamaica, Lima, and Mexico