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FEAS and SSE launch Arabic translation of sustainability guidance

(19 December 2023) As part of the Exchange of Letters signed by the UN SSE and the Federation of Euro-Asian Exchanges (FEAS) at the UNCTAD World Investment Forum, the two organizations published their first joint-project. To support exchanges working on embedding sustainability in their markets, FEAS translated “How exchanges can embed sustainability within their operations: A blueprint to advance action” into Arabic to support their Arabic-speaking members. 

“FEAS is with a great willingness and hope to start the collaboration with the SSE initiative, solidifying our commitment to sustainable finance, research, and capacity building. Together, we aspire to create impactful change by fostering cooperation among stock exchanges, regulators, and investors, driving transparency and sustainable development. This collaboration signifies our shared dedication to shaping a strategic partnership that transcends boundaries, forging a resilient and responsible future for capital markets worldwide,” said Konstantin Saroyan, FEAS Secretary General

“We are pleased to have this concrete output of our collaboration with FEAS so soon after we signed our Exchange of Letters. We look forward to working more closely with FEAS and other regional exchange groups to better assist exchanges around the world in accelerating their activities to support sustainable development,” said Anthony Miller, Chief Coordinator, UN SSE

The UN SSE looks forward to working more closely with FEAS and its members in the Euro-Asian region on capacity building and technical assistance related to sustainable finance and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Exchange of Letters signing was recorded in the SSE TV booth at the World Investment Forum and featured an interview with Anthony Miller, Chief Coordinator of UN SSE and Dr. Konstantin Saroyan, Secretary General of FEAS. You can watch the interview below. 

The guidance translated by FEAS was prepared by UN SSE in collaboration with the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), the global industry group for exchanges. The joint report builds on the WFE’s Sustainability Principles, launched in October 2018, which constitute a formal declaration by the WFE and its membership to take on a leadership role in promoting the sustainable finance agenda. The joint SSE-WFE report focuses specifically on WFE Sustainability Principle 5, which encourages exchanges to establish effective internal governance and operational processes and policies to support their sustainability efforts. 

The guide was produced by an SSE Advisory Group made up of stock exchange representatives and experts. The Advisory Group was chaired by Olga Cantillo, the CEO of Bolsa Latinoamericana de Valores (Latinex), who said: “The joint report is a complete guide to putting WFE Sustainability Principle 5 into practice, covering strategic planning, governance, and identifying and managing risk and ESG impact in our operations. It also offers important guidance regarding the resources needed to effectively implement these recommendations. We believe this guide makes a considerable contribution to enabling stock exchanges to effectively implement the actions needed to embed sustainability within their operations.”

The guidance has also been translated to Spanish.

Watch the SSE TV video here.