Partner Exchanges

The growth of the SSE initiative

The SSE initiative welcomed the first five founding SSE Partner Exchanges in 2012 when B3 (Brazil), the Egyptian Exchange, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (South Africa), Nasdaq & NYSE (USA) committed to sustainable and transparent capital markets at the 2012 SSE Global Dialogue. The growth of the SSE has continued strong since then, with all large stock exchanges and many developing market stock exchanges now committed to the promotion and development of sustainable and transparent capital markets. Find a list of all SSE Partner Exchanges here:

Why do stock exchanges join the SSE initiative?

The SSE initiative offers a global platform for exchanges to demonstrate leadership and understanding of the sustainability-related opportunities and challenges facing the capital markets today. Sharing the common commitment to encourage responsible investment and enhanced ESG disclosure and performance among listed companies, exchanges utilize the SSE to discuss best practices and learn from their peers and other key stakeholders. Through the SSE, stock exchanges receive capacity building, peer-to-peer consensus and knowledge building, research and guidance.

Learn more about how the SSE works here.

Join us today

All stock exchanges with listed companies are invited to make a public commitment to promote sustainability in their markets, thereby becoming a Partner Exchange. As a second step exchanges are invited to join the SSE Consultative Group. Stock Exchanges will play a crucial role in setting the strategic direction of the SSE initiative through the SSE Consultative Group. In parallel, Stock Exchanges will be asked to make efforts to document their progress by sharing their current and future ESG activities, which will be published on the SSE website. To become a Partner Exchange, we ask that your exchange publicly endorse the following statement:

We voluntarily commit, through dialogue with investors, companies and regulators, to promoting long term sustainable investment and improved environmental, social and corporate governance disclosure and performance among companies listed on our exchange.

If your exchange would like to request a formal invitation to become a Partner Exchange or you have questions or feedback please email For more information and frequenly asked questions regarding the SSE and becoming a Partner Exchange, visit the FAQ section of our website.

SSE Observer Exchanges

Stock exchanges that do not list companies, are welcomed to join the SSE as an SSE Observer Exchange. More information on this can be found here.