SSE Corporate Working Group

In support of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative, the Corporate Working Group brings together a committed group of individuals who:

Represent companies, especially those that are publicly listed;

  1. Are striving toward corporate sustainability leadership; and
  2. Believe in working with stock exchanges toward more sustainable, transparent capital markets.

The group contributes advice, expertise, and knowledge to the SSE and represents an important stakeholder within capital markets.  Moderated by the United Nations Global Compact, this new group meets a strategic need in the SSE to convene all major capital markets stakeholders in service of the same goal.  In addition to companies, these stakeholders include stock exchanges, investors, regulators, and policy makers.

Participating Companies

Founding participants: Pirelli and Bloomberg LP

Group Objectives

To support the SSE and its Partner Exchanges in achieving their objectives of promoting corporate sustainability in their markets.  To represent the voice and interests of companies, especially those that are publicly listed, when called upon by the SSE.

Group Role

The Corporate Working Group is expected to organize its activities, follow-up, and administration independent from, but in close coordination with, the SSE Secretariat.  It holds teleconferences 2-4 times per year in order to coordinate its activities and respond to ad hoc and/or ongoing petitions from the SSE.  This work will remain focused on exchanges and their regulators and the efforts of these institutions to introduce or enhance voluntary mechanisms, listing rules and/or regulatory initiatives which require the disclosure of sustainable business policies and practices.  Activities may include: giving timely feedback, advising the SSE on topics of interest, publishing position papers or other documents as input to the SSE, mobilizing companies, dialoguing with Partner Exchanges and other capital market stakeholders, attending events/strategic meetings, carrying out surveys or other means of gathering opinions from the private sector, etc.

Responsibilities of Individuals in the Group

Attend 4 teleconferences per year for coordination purposes

  • Contribute according to individual strengths/competencies and the SSE’s needs
  • Support the potentially transformative influence of stock exchanges acting with other capital markets players to align market signals with sustainable business practices
  • Promote the SSE in individual spheres of influence and look for opportunities beneficial to the SSE.  “We Support” logo is available for use on print/electronic material.


Global Compact business participants who are interested in participating in this group and can fulfill the responsibilities below are asked to email .