Communication to Stakeholders

Target 12.6*: Encourage companies, especially large and trans-national companies, to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle.

Series of Briefs
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Partner Exchanges of the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative have begun publishing a Communication to Stakeholders to engage capital market participants in a dialogue on responsible investment and sustainable business practices.

The purpose of these communications is to explain and clarify each exchange’s approach to promoting sustainability among investors and companies.These are the first of such disclosures done by exchanges through the SSE. As a complementary effort, the SSE Secretariat maintains a database of Fact Sheets that detail the sustainability initiatives of all major stock exchanges.

The Communication to Stakeholders enables exchanges to elaborate on their sustainability rationale and activities, and engage stakeholders on their role in promoting sustainability within their markets.

The SSE encourages all exchanges, including those that are not Partner Exchanges of the SSE, to use the Communication to Stakeholders to promote transparency in their markets and facilitate an open dialogue. Additionally, investors, issuers, regulators and policy makers may use the Communications to engage with exchanges and encourage further sustainability leadership and transparency. The framework, outlining the suggested questions for the Communication plus additional guidance, can be found here. The SSE Secretariat developed this framework in collaboration with its Partner Exchanges and Investor Working Group.

Participating Exchanges

The following documents provided by SSE partner exchanges are intended to be living documents, which are updated to present new policies, objectives, progress towards meeting goals, as well as challenges encountered.

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