Technical Assistance

The SSE provides technical assistance to capital market stakeholders including stock exchanges, capital market regulators, investors, companies and policy makers. Assistance to these key stakeholders is provided through written guidance, such as the SSE’s guidance documents on Green FinanceSustainability Reporting and Gender Equality, through workshops, seminars and meetings in partnership with thematic experts, or through other ad-hoc assistance in sharing best practices, connecting partners and providing examples from other markets. SSE staff also contribute to conferences, events, seminars and workshops by sharing best practice, trends and opportunities for stock exchanges.

Examples of technical assistance projects include:

  • Green bond training seminar at the Mauritius Stock Exchange
  • Technical workshop on ESG Disclosure for the SDGs in Berlin, Germany
  • Advisory group meetings on thematic topics to develop guidance documents, such as the SSE Action Plan on Green Finance, and the SSE Model Guidance on Sustainability Reporting

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific technical assistance activity, please contact the SSE at info(at)