The SSE initiative conducts research and compiles information about sustainability measures implemented in different jurisdictions. This research is compiled and made public through open sources via its database of fact sheets and online publications. The SSE is the only source for sustainability-related data on stock exchanges world-wide.


The SSE tracks stock exchange’s sustainability activities on its online database openly available, covering 90 stock exchanges worldwide. The main activities tracked by the SSE are:

  • Sustainability reporting – Whether the exchange reports on its own sustainability (including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors), either via a sustainability section on its website, a stand alone sustainability report or integrated into its annual report.
  • Sustainability reporting guidance – Whether the exchange provides written guidance to its issuers on how to report on ESG factors. The SSE’s Model Guidance provides a template for stock exchanges to do this, and a database of published guidance documents from stock exchanges can be used as examples.
  • ESG listing rules – Whether listed companies are required to report ESG factors in that market.
  • Sustainability training – Whether the exchange provides interactive training on environmental, social and governance factors.
  • ESG indices – Whether the exchange’s market has a sustainability index, making it easier for investors to locate and invest in sustainable companies in line with their ESG priorities.
  • Sustainability bond listing – Whether the exchange has a listing segment specifically for sustainability bonds, making it easier for investors to locate and invest in sustainable products in line with their ESG priorities.
  • SME listing platform – whether the exchange offers a listing platform specifically for Small-and-Medium sized enterprises.

This data is also compiled in a biennial basis and published in the SSE’s Report on Progress. Fact sheets can be viewed for all of the exchanges tracked by the SSE here.


The SSE undertakes thematic research projects to further support stock exchanges in their sustainability activities through research and guidance. The SSE has published guidance for stock exchanges on Green Finance, Sustainability Reporting and Gender Equality. In addition, the SSE has developed a number of shorter briefings for meetings held on a specific topic. Where appropriate, the SSE contributes to other publications or supports other organizations through peer reviewing.

All of the SSE’s publications can be found in the SSE Publication Library here.