Opening Remarks

Viewing sustainability from a policy perspective: the role of capital markets.

This session examines the role key actors in the capital markets can play to promote sustainable development. The session will review current best practices and highlight challenges and opportunities for the future. This session will address the following questions:

  • How are asset owners and managers integrating ESG issues into their investment policies?
  • What role can stock exchanges play: experiences with ESG indices and disclosure rules
  • How has the financial crisis changed the way regulators view systemic risk, and how does this relate to long term sustainability risks?


Finding the best balance between voluntary exchange-led initiatives and regulation.

This session looks at how individual markets can find the best balance between voluntary and regulatory initiatives to strengthen ESG practices among listed companies. ESG frameworks in most countries are a mixture of voluntary recommendations and regulatory requirements. Achieving the best balance between these two policy tools can depend on a market’s specific circumstances. This session will address the following questions:

  • Are there certain subjects that should always be addressed through voluntary initiatives or through regulation? Is there a third way: voluntary requirements?
  • What is the appropriate role for regulators and what should be left to investors or stock exchanges?
  • Is there a difference between enforcing standards of reporting and standards of behaviour?

Breakout sessions: working groups on the role of exchanges, investors and regulators.

During this session participants will be separated into three groups – exchanges, investors, and regulators – in order to discuss the various challenges and solutions to the sustainable stock exchanges agenda. After the breakout session, the three roundtable facilitators will be asked to report back during the next session. Roundtable facilitators will moderate the discussion based on the following questions:

  • What are the main challenges for taking this agenda forward?
  • After hearing about recent developments since the 2009 Sustainable Stock Exchanges Conference, how can we build upon the momentum over the next year? What next steps can we collectively take as a group of exchanges, regulators, or investors?
  • How do we mainstream the ESG agenda amongst our peers, particularly the exchanges, regulators, or investors who are not currently in the room?

Strengthening collaboration to improve the ESG practices of listed companies.

This session examines how exchanges, investors and regulators can strengthen their collaboration to further improve the ESG practices of listed companies. The roundtable leaders will present on their main takeaways from the breakout session and proposals for new partnerships and work streams will be discussed. This session will address the following questions:

  • What are the key takeaways from the breakout session?
  • How can all three groups work together to promote responsible capital markets?
  • What tools, resources, or platforms do exchanges, regulators, and investors need to take this agenda forward?
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