Stock Exchange of Thailand

Exchange entity Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
Conducts business in Thailand
Number of listed companies (dec./16, WFE) 656
Domestic market capitalization (in Millions USD, dec./16, WFE) 437,314
Has signed the SSE Commitment Letter? Yes
Has prepared SSE Communication to Stakeholders? Yes
Requires ESG reporting as a listing rule? Yes; In Thailand, the Securities and Exchange Commission mandates sustainability reporting. Source, pg 43 (Download act here)
Offers written guidance on ESG reporting? Yes
  • Guidelines for Sustainability Reporting (in Thai)
  • Apart from the publications, SET has produced newsletter 'SD Focus' as key communication channels between the Exchange and listed companies, to keep them abreast with the up-and-coming sustainability-related trends in the global business world.
  • In addition, a series of other guidance documents can be found via the exchange's Social Responsibility Center (SR Center) and its Corporate Governance Center (CG Center) online.
Offers ESG related training? Yes
Provides sustainability-related indices? No
  • SET is currently in the process of developing an ESG index; and starting from 2015, SET announces “Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI)”, a list of Thai companies with prime performance on ESG aspects. The list will be reviewed on an annual and voluntary basis.
Has green bond listings? No
Additional Information
  • Sustainable Development section on the website.
  • SET hosted the 34th AOSEF General Assembly in 2016, highlighting sustainable development (source).
  • SET has established sustainable development units (CG Center and SR Center) to encourage the business sector to be more involved with society and the environment and to promote concepts and practices relating to CSR.
  • SET has conducted a variety and a numerous of activities/programs to create awareness, enhance performance, build capacity on ESG issues, and encourage responsible long-term investment among Thai listed companies and investors.
  • Awards & Recognition - SET recognizes listed companies with outstanding ESG performance and honors them at the annual SET Awards and CSR Recognition events. (Source – SET) (News item)
Organizational model of stock exchange
  • A non-profit legal entity set up under the Securities Exchange of Thailand Act B.E. 2535 (1992)
Regulatory bodies
Regulatory model
  • Limited Exchange SRO Model The Securities and Exchange Act of 1992 (SEA), stipulates the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a single unified supervisory agency, as the regulator of the Thai Capital Market. The SEA also provides a clear separation between the primary and the secondary markets to facilitate their successful development. Both primary and secondary markets are regulated by the SEC.
About the stock exchange
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • The Stock Exchange of Thailand is the center of securities trading and long-term fund-raising activities of the businesses. The SET is also the pillar of the capital market leading towards sustainable growth, enhancing the Thai economy and society. The SET’s key operations include trading, listing, clearing and settlement, depository, supervising investor’s trading activities, protecting market participants’ benefits, as well as information dissemination. The SET’s main mechanism is geared towards the development of the capital market to benefit market participants and general public. In addition, SET has continuously developed and promoted finance literacy, capital market infrastructures and research studies, aiming at sustainable growth of the Thai listed companies. For more information, visit
Ownership of Exchange (Shares >4% only) Share
SET is a non-profit organization established by the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535  (1992).  According to the Act regarding the capital of the SET, it does not prescribe or allow SET to raise any fund from the public for the purpose of the shareholder structure.  As a result, SET is unable to issue any share to be held by any other party.