Mongolian Stock Exchange

Exchange entity Mongolian Stock Exchange
Conducts business in Mongolia
Number of listed companies (March 2018, MSE) 218
Domestic market capitalization (in Millions USD, March 2018, MSE) 1,106.2
Has signed the SSE Commitment Letter? Yes
Has prepared SSE Communication to Stakeholders? No
Requires ESG reporting as a listing rule? No
  • As of February 2018 the exchange has started to offer a 20% initial listing fee discount and waivers to listing criteria for companies whose activities promote the successful implementation of the SDGs.
Offers written guidance on ESG reporting? No, committed in 2018
Offers ESG related training? No
Provides sustainability-related indices? No
Has green bond listings? No
Additional Information
Organizational model of stock exchange
  • State-owned for-profit organization
Regulatory bodies
Regulatory model
  • Specialized Government Body
About the stock exchange
  • Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The MSE was established in January 1991 in order to implement state privatization during the country’s transition to market economy from a planned economy. The secondary market trading started in 1995. MSE currently has 58 members, from whom 24 companies hold underwriting licenses. Main products are equities, government bonds and corporate bonds. Main market index is TOP-20, consisting of the top 20 companies by market capitalization and turnover. More information can be found here.