Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE)

Exchange entity Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE)
Conducts business in Slovenia
Number of listed companies (April/18)   35
Domestic market capitalization (in million USD, April/18)  6,681
Has signed the SSE Commitment Letter? yes
Has report on sustainability? No
Requires ESG reporting as a listing rule? No
Offers written guidance on ESG reporting? No
Offers ESG related training? No
Provides sustainability-related indices? No
Has green bond listings? No
Additional Information
Organizational model of stock exchange The Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) is a private joint-stock company, which complies with and implements the corporate governance principles arising out of legal norms, the company's internal acts and established best practices. The company is operated by a two-tier system of governance, where the Management Board runs the business and is monitored by the Supervisory Board. The company's Articles of Association in addition to the General Meeting of Shareholders also provides for two additional bodies the Board of Members and the Board of Issuers which have no direct influence on the LJSE governance but make indirect contributions to its reaching its objectives and strategy.
Regulatory bodies
Regulatory model The Securities Market Agency (ATVP) is a legal entity of public law. It is independent in performing its tasks. Its basic mission is to maintain a safe, transparent and efficient market in financial instruments. By exercising control over the brokerage companies, banks engaged in investment transactions and services, management companies, investment funds, mutual pension funds, public companies, public-limited companies governed by the Takeovers Act and performing other regulatory tasks, it creates a level playing field for efficient operation of market in financial instruments. The Agency makes annual reports to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia on the situation and conditions on the market in financial instruments. The funds for the work of the Agency are provided by taxes charged for issuing decisions in individual matters and fees for exercising control. The amount of taxes and fees is determined by the tariff issued by the Agency in agreement with the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. The National Assembly gives approval for the annual statement of account and financial plan of the Agency. The lawfulness, purpose, economic and efficient use of the Agency’s funds are supervised by the Court of Auditors of the Republic of Slovenia. The Agency has set up an Information Security Management System complying with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 on the regulation and supervision of the securities market in Republic of Slovenia.
About the stock exchange LJSE Profile
Owned by the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE)