Bucharest Stock Exchange

Exchange entity Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)
Conducts business in Romania
Number of listed companies (Dec./16) 86
Domestic market capitalization (in Millions USD, Dec./16) 18,073
Has signed the SSE Commitment Letter? Yes
Has prepared SSE Communication to Stakeholders? Yes
Requires ESG reporting as a listing rule? No
Offers written guidance on ESG reporting? No, but has committed to publishing a guidance. Also provides a Code of Corporate Governance
Offers ESG related training? No
Provides sustainability-related indices? No
Has green bond listings? No
Additional Information
Organizational model of stock exchange
  • Public listed company. Demutualised in 2006
Regulatory bodies
Regulatory model Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) sets the operational principles of the capital markets in Romania, as well as the rules applied to the market and system operators, listed companies and investment funds. firms. Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), as the market operator for the Regulated Market and system operator for the Alternative Trading System, has the authority to regulate the organization and carry out the specific activities of its markets in terms of financial instruments available for trading, as well as specific rules applied to listed companies and investment firms. BVB also carries out monitoring activities, within the specific framework that is in line with applicable regulation. Taking all of the above into consideration and due to the regulatory role of ASF, Bucharest Stock Exchange is a limited self regulatory organization.
About the stock exchange
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania About BVB: Click Here
Ownership of Exchange (Shares >4% only) Share
NN Group N.V. 8.67%
SIF Transilvania 8.58%
EBRD 5.12%
SIF Moldova 5.00%
SIF Oltenia 5.00%
SIF Muntenia 4.32%