Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago (Santiago Exchange)

Exchange entity Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago
Conducts business in Chile
Number of listed companies (dec./16, WFE) 298
Domestic market capitalization (in Millions USD, dec./16, WFE) 212,465
Has signed the SSE Commitment Letter? Yes
Has prepared SSE Communication to Stakeholders? Yes
Requires  ESG reporting as a listing rule? No
Offers written guidance on ESG Reporting? Yes
Offers ESG related training? Yes;
  • Training is provided for Corporate Sustainability Assessment for companies that want to be a part of the DJSI Chile Index
Provides sustainability-related indices? Yes;
Has green bond listings? No
Additional Information
  • Working on guidance on responsible investment, sustainability and sustainability reporting.
  • 2017 Guide to Responsible Investment. Download in Spanish or English.
Organizational model of stock exchange
  • Listed company for profit
Regulatory bodies
Regulatory model
  • Limited Exchange Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) Model Reviewing the SVS "Response to Survey on Implementation of IOSCO Objectives and Principles of Securities Regulation" document reveals that the SVS carries out and enforces most regulations in Chile. SVS is the main regulatory authority for tasks such as listing securities and derivatives contracts, the authorization of funds and its fund managers Licensing and the issuance of securities. Therefore, the Santiago Exchange regulates its own operational activities but the SVS acts as the main authority for higher-level activity in Chile.
About the stock exchange
  • Location: Santiago, Chile The first attempts to establish a stock exchange in Chile were made in 1840 with little success. In 1884, there were already 160 corporations and this forced the creation of a specialized stock market where to direct all transactions with securities.The Santiago Stock Exchange was founded on November 27th, 1893, as a major step to infuse energy and vitality into the national economy. By then, there were 329 corporations, most of them engaged in the mining industry.
Ownership of Exchange (Shares >4% only) Share
BM&F BOVESPA S.A. Bolsa de Valores, Mercadorias e Futuros 10.41%
Banchile Corredores de Bolsa S.A. 6.25%
Larraín Vial S.A. Corredora de Bolsa 4.16%