ESG Guidance Campaign: What Exchanges are Saying


“BM&FBOVESPA launched the guide ‘New Value – Sustainability in Companies, How to Start, Who to Involve and What to Prioritize’ in 2011, as we understand it to be a tool that will guide and stimulate listed companies to report their ESG issues. It has been an important instrument for increasing transparency in the Brazilian capital market as regards this matter. Therefore, we strongly encourage other stock exchanges to publish their sustainability guides by the end of 2016. The voluntary Model Guidance that is being released by SSE is a good example of how to orientate companies in a didactical and clear way. We congratulate SSE for this initiative. It is an honor to be part of it.” – Sonia Favaretto, Press and Sustainability Officer at BM&FBOVESPA

“EGX guidance for reporting on ESG will provide the Egyptian Capital Market with an integrated reporting model, helping listed companies to disclose efficiently ESG practices and ensuring that the market efficiently meets the new ESG-related information needs of investors.” – Egyptian Exchange

“Nasdaq in the Nordic and Baltic regions is pleased to lead an exchange industry effort that increases data transparency, reduces risk, and provides the foundation for better, more sustainable long-term investments,” – Lauri Rosendahl, Senior Vice President, European Equities and Derivatives, Nasdaq, and President of Nasdaq Helsinki

“We look forward to working together with the UN SSE initiative and the WFE as we move forward on this project. Many of the Nordic exchanges are already global leaders in sustainability reporting, and we will continue to engage our listed companies on the ESG transparency and provide them with disclosure guidance,” – Adam Kostyál, Senior Vice President of Global Listings Services and Head of European Listings, Nasdaq

“Deutsche Börse Group strives to promote transparency and standardisation within the capital markets – also regarding sustainability. Therefore, we are committed to increasing the availability of the respective information to investors and analysts. Transparency is the key to informed investment decisions and thus an indispensable basis for safe and regulated markets – nationally and internationally. That’s why we published our own ESG Best Practice Guide in 2013 and are pleased to share our expertise within the SSE initiative.” – Hauke Stars, member of Deutsche Börse Executive Board

“As KASE plans to increase its integration into global capital markets, we recommend our listed companies to disclose ESG information as well as financial indicators. Our ESG Guide will be published on our website in due time.” – Natalya Khoroshevskaya, Acting Chairman, KASE Management Board

“The Nairobi Securities Exchange commends the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative for championing the development of the Model Guidance on ESG reporting globally. Over the following months of 2016, the NSE intends to use the SSE Model Guidance as a basis for the formulation of its own Voluntary Guidance in consultation with all market players. This will further entrench our commitment to develop sustainable capital markets that will enhance long term value for both our domestic and international stakeholders.” – Mr. Geoffrey Odundo, Chief Executive of Nairobi Securities Exchange

“Bursa Malaysia welcomes the SSE Model Guidance on Reporting ESG Information to Investors. Greater clarity and a defined baseline for companies to incorporate or work towards is needed as there are several reporting standards available. I believe the market is ready and as it stands, Malaysia today has 25 ESG companies and a total of 14 of our public listed companies have already adopted the Global Reporting Initiative reporting guidelines.” – Dato’ Tajuddin Atan, Chief Executive Officer of Bursa Malaysia Berhad

“Casablanca Stock Exchange (CSE) is committed to enhancing financial reporting transparency, and improving the capital market’s efficiency to create long-term value for investors. To achieve this goal, the CSE has taken several initiatives, including the important step of issuing an ESG Reporting Guidance by the end of 2016 to improve corporate disclosure of ESG information. Thanks to CSEs efforts to implement ESG best practices within its management and promote sustainable behavior, it recently received the CGEM label for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Responsibility from Morocco’s Business Association.” – Casablanca Stock Exchange

“The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is using its unique platform to advocate for the adoption of global corporate governance standards and sustainable business practices. We are committed to developing principle-based sustainability reporting guidelines and a roadmap that will inspire sustainability imperatives in the Nigerian capital market. In October 2015, we will hold a Sustainability Conference, an inaugural stakeholder engagement session to discuss business opportunities and risks arising from ESG issues and reporting” – Oscar N. Onyema, CEO, The Nigerian Stock Exchange

“The SSE Model Guidance on reporting ESG information to investors provides a very helpful tool as it encourages exchanges to customize and balance their guidance to local conditions. This will be a useful starting point for Oslo Børs on its journey to best implement its own guidance by the end of 2016.” – Bente A. Landsnes, President & CEO, Oslo Børs

“The State of Qatar has adopted a set of core principles as part of the National Vision 2030. That vision promotes the development of a competitive and diversified economy capable of meeting the needs of all of its people both for the present and for the future, the development of a just and caring society, capable of playing a significant role in global partnerships for development and the management of the environment such that there is harmony between economic growth, social development and environmental protection. We at Qatar Stock Exchange strongly support these ambitions and believe that through our membership of the SSE, we will be better equipped to promote the sustainability agenda among our investors, listed companies and the business community within the State of Qatar and thus contribute to the realisation of the National Vision.” – Mr. Rashid Ali Al-Mansoori, CEO of Qatar Stock Exchange

“While financial reporting by listed companies is firmly established, sustainability reporting is relatively young. Financial reporting focuses on what results have been achieved and sustainability reporting seeks to address increasing investor interest in a fuller explanation of how businesses achieve their financial results as well as what risks and opportunities are within sight. The additional transparency and spotlight on governance from sustainability reporting will increase confidence and trust in capital markets. I hope that having the Model Reporting Guidance will encourage more participation from exchanges and markets around the world.” – Singapore Exchange

“The creation of our own voluntary ESG reporting guidance for the companies listed on our market is another step forward in our commitment to sustainability and the promotion of ESG reporting. Although there are no formal obligations associated with our guidance, we encourage users to use it as a useful tool for integrating ESG issues into their reporting and in this way enrich their communication with investors, analysts and stakeholders.” –  Jorge Yzaguirre, Director of Equities and Derivities Markets, Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME)

“Being core players of the financial industry, exchanges increasingly recognize their role in forming the rules and best practices in order to promote application of ESG practices by their stakeholders and society as a whole. ‘The Model Guidance on Reporting ESG Information to Investors’ prepared by the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Initiative will serve undoubtedly as an important step in creating a more effective and high quality ESG reporting to investors, which in turn will contribute to the creation of well-functioning markets.” – Dr. Mustafa K. Yılmaz, Borsa İstanbul Executive VP

“We intend to use the SSE Model Guidance as a basis for discussions with both investors and issuers in order to determine our own guidance, which we expect to produce by the end of the year.” – Mark Makepeace, Group Director, Information Services, London Stock Exchange Group

“Having voluntarily joined the SSE initiative, Hanoi Stock Exchange deeply acknowledges the importance of issuers’ transparent ESG reporting. With reference to the SSE’s Model Reporting Guidance, we intend to introduce a roadmap for application of our own customized market guidance on ESG reporting for listed companies within 2016. We look forward to the good impact of the guidance on enhancing the quality of listed companies, making our domestic securities market more sustainable and attractive to global investors.” – Hanoi Stock Exchange