SSE Database

The SSE maintains a database of fact sheets on all of its Partner Exchanges, as well as members of the World Federation of Exchanges. Fact Sheets are intended to inform investors and other stakeholders on the work stock exchanges are undertaking to advance sustainability in their respective markets.

The research was based on publicly available information prepared by the SSE Secretariat with input provided from stock exchanges in most instances. Sources and explanatory notes on sustainability information have been included in individual Fact Sheets.  While every effort is made to keep Fact Sheets up to date, please be aware that certain factors change frequently and therefore may not be exact, such as the number of listed companies or market cap.


The SSE database can now be filtered to find exchanges with certain sustainability activities. By using the SSE’s new online database interface, you can search stock exchanges that have one, a combination of, or all of the following criteria which the SSE tracks in its fact sheets:

  • SSE Partner Exchange – If the exchange’s CEO or Chairman has signed a commitment to promoting sustainable and transparent capital markets
  • Sustainability reporting – If the exchange reports on its own sustainability (including environmental, social and governance, ESG, factors), either via a sustainability section on its website, a stand alone sustainability report or integrated into its annual report.
  • Sustainability reporting guidance – If the exchange provides written guidance to its issuers on how to report on ESG factors. The SSE’s Model Guidance provides a template for stock exchanges to do this, and a database of published guidance documents from stock exchanges can be used as examples.
  • ESG listing rules – If listed companies are required to report ESG factors in that market.
  • Sustainability training – If the exchange provides training on environmental, social and governance factors.
  • ESG indices – If the exchange’s market has a sustainability index, making it easier for investors to locate and invest in sustainable companies in line with their ESG priorities.
  • Sustainability bond listing – If exchange has a listing segment specifically for sustainability bonds, making it easier for investors to locate and invest in sustainable products in line with their ESG priorities.
  • SME Platforms – If the exchange has a platform tailored for SME listings

By changing the filter to “Yes” and hitting search, you will filter results for all the exchanges which engage in that or those particular activity/activities.

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