Somali Stock Exchange

Number of listed companies
Domestic market capitalization
11,000 million US$
SSE Partner Exchange


Has annual sustainability report
ESG reporting required as a listing rule
Has written guidance on ESG reporting
Offers ESG related training
Market covered by sustainability-related index
Has sustainability bond listing segment
Has SME listing platform


  • However, SME’s, start-up companies and issuers of equity certificates can be listed on the Somali Stock Exchange and the exchange notes on their website that admission requirements are less cumbersome than the requirements of exchanges abroad with a relatively swift and efficient admission processes. Source
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Organizational model of stock exchange
Regulatory bodies
Regulatory model
Independent member SRO
About the stock exchange
Historically, shares in Somalian businesses have been bought and sold informally through close networks. However, economists have noted that in recent years, the emergence of various stock exchanges in African states have played a pivotal role in fostering economic and private sector growth. The substantial demand for capital is increasing by the day for Somali businesses, consisting of both large firms and SME’s.  According to the latest figures, over 3 billion USD flows in to Somalia every year, a large stake of which is aimed solely at business. Liquidity is an essential element of any industry, but it’s impossible to create it without a viable market, which is why the Somali Stock Exchange was born. The SSE is creating an entirely new securities market, where buyers of financial securities can do business with sellers in a more organised, secure and profitable way. Our aim is to create a sustainable securities market in Somalia, where holders of financial securities, bonds and buyers or investors can meet and share in long-term growth. The Somali Stock Exchange (SSE) was founded by the management of Somali Economic Forum (SEF), whose principal aim is to encourage Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Somalia's growing economy. The company has already made history by becoming the first ever stock exchange to operate inside of Somalia, with the first shares sold on 1st September 2015 at the exchange's headquarters
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