The SSE is a United Nations Partnership Programme established by UNCTAD, UN Global Compact, UNEP FI and the PRI.

Governing Board

The SSE Governing Board is the main governance and oversight body of the SSE. The role of the SSE Governing Board is to provide policy direction, overall operational guidance and technical supervision to the SSE Partnership Programme. The Governing Board is composed of the following four members:

  • Chair: Mr. James Zhan, Director, Investment & Enterprise Division, UNCTAD
  • Ms. Lise Kingo, Executive Director, UN Global Compact
  • Mr. Eric Usher, Head, UNEP-FI
  • Ms. Fiona Reynolds, CEO, PRI

Independent Advisory Committee

The Independent Advisory Committee is comprised of capital market leaders whose role is to provide the Governing Board advice and feedback on the work of the Partnership Programme. The Committee is comprised of the following five members:

  • Mr. Paul Andrews, Secretary General, IOSCO
  • Mr. Sandy Frucher, Vice-Chair, Nasdaq
  • Ms. Nicky Newton-King, CEO, Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)
  • Ms. Nandini Sukumar, CEO, World Federation of Exchanges (WFE)
  • Mr. Ethiopis Tafara, Vice President and General Counsel, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Operational Team

The SSE Operational Team reports to the Governing Board and  manages the day-to-day operations of the SSE, including the development and implementation of its annual workplan. The Operational Team is made up of staff members from each of the four organizations of the Governing Board.

Consultative Group

Capital market stakeholders play a crucial role in setting the strategic direction and informing the substance of the SSE’s work. The SSE Consultative Group is the main stakeholder body for the SSE, primarily composed of SSE Partner Stock Exchanges, but also involving of members of specialized working groups, including the Regulator Working Group, the Investor Working Group and the Corporate Working Group. The SSE engages the Consultative Group via quarterly webinars to solicit inputs and share information on SSE activities and provide technical assistance on thematic topics. In addition, members of this group contribute to specific SSE outputs based on their expertise or stakeholder group.