2019 Ring the Bell For Gender Equality

Date: Bell Ringings take place surrounding International Women’s Day, 8 March 2019
Location: World-wide
Registration: The Bell Ringing events are by invitation only. Interested stock exchanges should email info@sseinitiative.org for more information.

Event Summary

In celebration of International Women’s Day (8 March 2019), the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative is pleased to invite stock exchanges to host a bell ringing ceremony to raise awareness of the pivotal role the private sector can play in advancing gender equality to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 5.

The UN Global CompactUN WomenSustainable Stock Exchanges InitiativeInternational Finance Corporation: IFCWorld Federation of Exchanges and Women in ETFs (the “Global Partners”) are working together for the 5th consecutive year,  following a very successful collaboration in 2018 where 65 exchanges participated in the “Ring the Bell” events.

These global ‘bell ringings’ aim to bring attention to the pivotal role the private sector can play in advancing gender equality to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to raise awareness about the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). We are delighted that 10 exchanges are signatories to the WEPs as part of their commitment to promoting gender equality, with another three exchanges in the process of joining them. SSE members are also working to scale up their actions on gender equality by promoting transparency of relevant metrics, organizing trainings on board diversity, and encouraging their listed companies to sign the WEPs.

Share Actions on Advancing Gender Equality

This year, we are requesting all SSE partner exchanges to consider concrete actions they can take to further promote gender equality as part of the Ring the Bell for Gender Equality event series. Please visit our Gender Equality page to learn more.

Please email info@sseinitiative.org with any questions or to find out more.

Participating Exchanges

Stock Exchange Date of Event
Argentina – Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos 12th march
Armenia – Armenia Securities Exchange 12th march
Australia – Australian Securities Exchange 8th March WEPs signatory
Bahrain – Bahrain Bourse 14th March
Bangladesh – Chittagong Stock Exchange 7th March
Bangladesh – Dhaka Stock Exchange 12th March
Belarus – Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange (press release) 7th March
Belgium – Euronext Brussels 8th March
Botswana – Botswana Stock Exchange 8th March
Brazil – B3 8th March WEPs signatory
Canada – Aequitas NEO Exchange 8th March WEPs signatory
Canada – Toronto Stock Exchange 8th March
Chile – Santiago Stock Exchange 21st March
Colombia – Bolsa de Valores de Colombia 3rd April
Costa Rica – Bolsa Nacional de Valores (press release) 11th march WEPs signing in process
Croatia – Zagreb Stock Exchange 8th March WEPs signing in process
Denmark – Nasdaq Copenhagen 8th March
Dominican Republic – Bolsa de Valores de la República Dominicana 15th March
Egypt – Egyptian Stock Exchange 4th March WEPs signatory
Estonia – Nasdaq Tallinn 8th March
Ethiopia – Ethiopia Stock Exchange 6th March
Finland – Nasdaq Helsinki 8th March
Fiji – South Pacific Stock Exchange 8th March
France – Euronext Paris 8th March
Georgia – Georgian Stock Exchange 7th March
Germany – Deutsche Börse 8th March WEPs signatory
Greece – Athens Stock Exchange 8th March
Hong Kong – Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing 8th March WEPs signatory
Iceland – Nasdaq Iceland 8th March
India – Bombay Stock Exchange 8th March
India – National Stock Exchange 8th March
Indonesia – Indonesia Stock Exchange 13th March
Iraq – Iraq Stock Exchange 10th March
Ireland – Euronext Dublin 8th March
Israel – Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 3rd March
Italy – Borsa Italiana (press release and video) 8th March
Jamaica – Jamaica Stock Exchange 8th March
Japan – Japan Exchange Group 8th March
Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange 7th March
Kenya – Nairobi Securities Exchange 8th march WEPs signatory
Kuwait – Boursa Kuwait 7th March
Latvia – Nasdaq Riga 8th March
Lebanon – Beirut Stock Exchange 7th March
Lithuania – Nasdaq Vilnius 8th March
Luxembourg – Luxembourg Stock Exchange 8th March
Malaysia – Bursa Malaysia (press release) 14th March
Mexico – Bolsa Mexicana de Valores 8th March
Mongolia – Mongolian Stock Exchange 7th March
Morocco – Casablanca Stock Exchange 8th March
Myanmar – Yangon Stock Exchange 8th March
Nepal – Nepal Stock Exchange Limited 8th March
Netherlands – Euronext Amsterdam 8th March
Nigeria – Nigeria Stock Exchange 8th March WEPs signatory
Norway – Oslo Børs 8th March
Pakistan – Pakistan Stock Exchange 8th March
State of Palestine – Palestine Exchange 11th March
Panama – Bolsa de Valores de Panamá 15th March WEPs signatory
Peru – Bolsa de Valores de Lima 12th March
Philippines – Philippine Stock Exchange 8th March
Poland – Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) 8th March
Portugal – Euronext Lisbon 8th March
Qatar – Qatar Stock Exchange 10th March
Romania – Bucharest Stock Exchange 8th March
Russia – MOEX Moscow 12th March
Rwanda – Rwanda Stock Exchange 18th March
Saudi Arabia – Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) (press release) 7th March
Serbia – Belgrade Stock Exchange (press release) 14th March
Singapore – Singapore Exchange  5th March
Slovenia – Ljubljana Stock Exchange (press release) 8th March
South Africa – Johannesburg Stock Exchange 8th March
Spain – Bolsas y Mercados Españoles 8th March
Sri Lanka – Colombo Stock Exchange 7th March
Sweden – Nasdaq Stockholm 8th March
Switzerland – SIX Swiss Exchange 8th March
Tanzania – Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange PLC 8th March
Tunisia – Tunis Stock Exchange 8th March WEPs signatory
Uganda – Uganda Securities Exchange 17th March
United Arab Emirates – Dubai Financial Market (press release) 6th March WEPs signing in process
United Kingdom – London Stock Exchange 12th March
United States – CBOE 8th March
United States – IEX 8th March
United States – Nasdaq (press release) 7th March WEPs signatory
United States – NYSE  5th March
Western Africa – BRVM Stock Exchange 8th March
Yemen – Yemen Stock Exchange 14th March

Press Coverage

  • Brazil  – B3 joins global stock exchange mobilization for gender equality (via Emerging Markets ESG)
  • Canada – NEO rings the bell for gender equality on International Women’s Day 2019 (via Kulr8)
  • Greece – The Athens Stock Exchange rings the bell for gender equality (via mondovisione)
  • Ireland  – Bell rung for gender equality at Euronext Dublin (via RTE)
  • Kenya  – NSE rings bell for gender parity (via Standard Digital)
  • Russia – Moscow Exchange rings the bell for gender equality (via mondovisione)
  • Saudi Arabia – Tadawul joins global exchanges in ringing the bell for gender equality (via Saudi Gazette)
  • Sri Lanka  – IFC joins Colombo Stock Exchange to ring the bell for gender equality (via Ada Derana Biz)
  • United Arab Emirates – Al Merri rings gender bell at Dubai Financial Market (via Gulf News)
  • United States  – Cardlytics to keynote at Nasdaq Ring the Bell for Women’s Empowerment (via BusinessWire)
  • Bell-ringing events set to recognize International Women’s Day (via Forbes)

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